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Why Become A Founder?

We’re opening our doors early to only a few people.
If you’re one of them, you’ll get the hook up. Big time.

Our Best Courses. First.

Our traders and miners have been stacking Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for over 5 years now. Be the first to learn their winning methods.

Chat LIVE With The Pros

Instant access to the private channels on our CoinTutor Discord server! You’ll be able to connect with us and our teachers LIVE throughout the day!


That’s right. You’ll not only receive huge discounts to our upcoming live and online events, but you’ll be treated like royalty while you’re there!

Updates. Free.

Things change, and so will our courses. As a founder, you’ll get free updates to the Signature Trading & Mining courses that were included with your package. For Life.

Forum Goodies

Trust us, we’ve done this before… Cryptofomo will soon become a leading cryptocurrency forum. Don’t you want to stand out from the thousands of other members?

Ridiculous Discounts

CoinTutor & Cryptofomo will have many incredible new courses and paid areas released as time goes on. As a founder, you’ll get free or discounted access to tons of our upcoming stuff!

Become a cryptocurrency expert, just like Spoofy.

That’s an inside joke for crypto traders. Armed with the trading and mining information you’re about to learn from us, you’ll finally know how to stack that crypto sky-high… then you can give Spoofy a run for his money!


More information about our Founder’s Membership promotion:

What's this all about anyway?

Rather than give away a bunch of our company to investors, we decided to create some AMAZING products and services for YOU — and have you invest in us instead. This gives us the cashflow to build amazing courses and communities, while you get the best of all of it. That’s a win-win.

What will I get access to INSTANTLY vs later?

You’ll immediately have access to the beta version of our Signature Mining Course, as well as the Cryptofomo forum BTC promo, custom banner, avatar, and founder’s channels. The Signature Trading Course will be released to you as soon as it’s finished in the coming weeks.

What types of courses will CoinTutor develope?

Aside from our signature mining and trading courses that are being taught by pros, we’ll also be teaching on a wide variety of other topics, including blockchain development, ICO fundraising & investment, and more. Plus, our platform will be open to high-level outside instructors – so the sky is the limit when it comes to future course offerings at CoinTutor!

Do you offer refunds?

No. This founder’s membership is a one-time offering, and many of the items included are irreversible, just like a school tuition. For that reason, we cannot offer refunds on your purchase of a CoinTutor + Cryptofomo Founder’s package.

What does fomo mean? And Cryptofomo?

It stands for “fear of missing out”, and it’s used very often by cryptocurrency traders during big price movements. If Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency gains or loses value quickly, you might “fomo” and buy in, or sell. Cryptofomo is our awesome forum, with an awesome name 🙂

What else should I know that's missing?

Please view this page for further details about each individual offering with the Founder’s promotion. Be sure you fully understand what you are and aren’t receiving as a founder prior to making your purchase. You can always email us here and ask questions as well!

Signature Mining Course

Learn how to mine cryptocurrency tokens up to 20% faster than any of the other miners or online information will teach you! We’ve cracked the efficiency & profitability code.

Signature Trading Course

Our in-house trading pros have been stacking Bitcoin high for over 5 years now. But today, they are more profitable than ever. Learn from them directly in this amazing course!

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